The Unfortunate Spells Series

Who Ordered a Medium
(An Unfortunate Spells Novella)


How can she move on when her dead fiancé won’t?

Josie’s world is turned upside down after the death of her fiancé. Her picture-perfect world no longer exists. But when a ghost starts haunting her house, she’s not sure who to turn to.

Sebastian isn’t just a hot stripper Josie met at her bachelorette party, he’s also the medium that shows up at her door to help her with her ghost problem.

Together, they must figure out who is haunting her house and how to get rid of them. Can they survive the supernatural while figuring out the chemistry brewing between them?


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How to Spell Disaster
(Unfortunate Spells #1)

Being careless with magic is the best way to spell disaster.

Tucker didn’t think his love life could get any worse, until he comes across an antique spell book. When the translation goes awry, instead of finding one girl, he’s bombarded by women left and right, sometimes men. It’s jeopardizing both his job and sanity.

When Tucker seeks answers at the occult shop, the witchy owner advises him magic can’t always fix his problems, and this time only true love’s first kiss can lift the spell he cast.

Each day, the magic grows stronger, and Tucker isn’t sure how much longer he can survive, but finding the right woman to kiss shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Filled with magic, lust, and a sprinkle of love. Find out if Tucker can find his one true love.


When to Scry Wolf
(Unfortunate Spells #2)

One bite and suddenly she’s sprouting fur, and fangs, and whiskers. Oh my!

Hailey Hardwick isn’t too worried after a stray dog bites her in a dark alley. However, when she starts sprouting fur and whiskers, she wonders what kind of animal actually bit her.

To figure out what is going on and how to reverse it, Hailey and her best friend, Jenna, attempt scrying to locate the animal. Instead of a shaggy dog, a hot construction worker named Nolan turns up. While he’s a pleasant distraction, until she can keep the fur, fangs, and raw meat cravings at bay, she can’t chance having him around.

The longer the animal within her tests its boundaries, the more her body struggles to shift—and her inner beast wants a taste of Nolan, too.




What the Hex Happened
(Unfortunate Spells #3)

Did you love the beginning of the series? The last three books are slotted for 2020! That’s my goal! Keep checking back for updates!











Why Didn’t You Ward Me
(Unfortunate Spells #4)

Slotted for 2020!











Where Are My Solsticers
(Unfortunate Spells #5)


Slotted for 2020!

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