Persuading Tomorrow
(The Esterwilde High Series #1)



When the unimaginable happens and Jordan loses her best friend on the night she had planned to tell him her feelings, it leaves her to wonder if she’s the guilty party, but her memories of that night are fuzzy. In an attempt to leave her past and the hateful stares of her peers behind, she moves across the country to live with her mother in Esterwilde, Pennsylvania. It’s a small close-knit town, but there no one should know about her past, or so she thought.

When Zyler runs into the new girl in town he can’t help but feel a connection, but he also knows her past harbors a horrible secret. He’s heard the rumors but doesn’t believe them. Seeing Jordan in pain kills him and all he wants to do is take it away.

Jordan soon realizes that no matter what she does she’s not going to be able to outrun her past. Can Zyler show her that despite the hate and ignorance in the world that life is still worth living? Will she ever figure out the truth about the night that took away her best friend?





People are dying…

Tahlia and Quentin live in a world where the US population is starving to death one hundred years after a government-mandated “cure” for obesity. Tahlia’s ancestors escaped genetic mutation. Now she and her tribe must hide in the wilds of South Dakota to avoid being harvested for their untainted DNA. When Tahlia is captured on a supply run, she becomes a lab rat for the scientists searching for an antidote. The fate of humanity lies buried in Tahlia’s genetic code, and her own survival lies in the hands of Quentin–the only son of the very doctors who want to cut her open.

Harrowing and suspenseful, Untreatable transports readers to a dystopian future where everything is not as it seems and resilience of body–and spirit–is required to survive.

Jingle Spells
A CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthology



Jingle Spells is a feel-good holiday collection of witch-themed tales, from a witch hunt at the winter solstice, to a Christmas dinner in danger of being ruined by an imp. Here you will find a sparkly pair of shoes holding one woman’s destiny, and a magical, mystery-solving cup of latte. Meet a broken young woman unaware of the powers she possesses, and a teenage boy with the fate of the world on his shoulders.

Featuring short stories from veteran authors Jennifer Laslie, Sidonia Rose, and Heather Marie Adkins, and introducing Sammi Cox, Brittany White, and K. Laslie. Sit back with a steaming mug, light up the fireplace, and enjoy these six tales of magic, mayhem, and love.

  • Solstice Flames by Jennifer Laslie
  • A Midwinter Manifestation by Sammi Cox
  • The Witch’s Shoes by Sidonia Rose
  • Molly by Brittany White
  • Holiday Dreams by K. Laslie
  • The Witch’s Brew by Heather Marie Adkins

A Midsummer Night’s Sidhe
A CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthology #2



Delve into the realm of magick, shadow, light, and air with seven phenomenal authors and their fae tales of danger, betrayal, and love.

  • Dive into THE WITCHWOOD with Kolin Gates
  • Flee the enemy with Brittany White in FINDING HOME
  • Find yourself FAE TOUCHED with Heather Marie Adkins
  • Make a wish with Victoria Escobar in TRICKY WISHES
  • Prepare for battle in ETHEREAL by K. Laslie
  • Become EXILED with Jennifer Laslie
  • Discover BURNING LOVE with Ava Wood

Sirens & Scales: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection
Mermaid Adrift is exclusive to this box set!



1 Collection. 26 Tales of Enchantment and Danger!

From the darkest skies to the deepest seas, dive into a breathtaking collision of mermaids, dragons, sirens, and more in SIRENS & SCALES, a unique Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Collection!

Your travels through these stories of dazzling ocean tides and the dizzying reaches of the heavens will leave you breathless. Join dragon shifters and mer-creatures for an experience of salty seafaring adventures and magnificent airborne enterprises where sky meets sea, love meets its match, and imagination has no end.

With 26 full-length stories of enchanting fiction, you’ll learn the secrets of Atlantis, soar to uncharted peaks, and discover creatures of wing and fin and those who love them.

Ready to set sail and catch the tide before your chance for adventure is lost forever? Then order this collection of BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE material from your favorite USA Today and award-winning authors before it’s gone for good!

Including material from the following authors:

  • A.L. Knorr
  • B. Kristin McMichael
  • Bethany Wicker
  • C.S. Moore
  • Carly Fall
  • Cate Farren
  • D.D. Miers & B. Crow
  • Gaja J. Kos
  • Graceley Knox
  • Harper Alexander
  • Isra Sravenheart
  • Ivy Quinn and Midnight Voss
  • Jennifer Laslie
  • Jennifer M. Eaton
  • Katalina Leon
  • Kellie McAllen
  • Kelly Anne Blount
  • Konstanz Silverbow
  • Kyoko M.
  • Mindy Ruiz
  • N.D. Jones
  • Natalie G. Owens and Zee Monodee
  • Natasha S. Brown
  • Pauline Creeden
  • RJ Blain
  • Starla Night
  • Tina Glasneck

Color Your Words
(Only Available in Paperback)



Color Your Words is a coloring book and journal all rolled into one! This book is available on Amazon.


Pieces of Me
(Only Available in Paperback)


Pieces of Me
is a collection of poetry written by me in high school and my early twenties. It’s only available as a paperback currently.

Twisted Fairy Tales: An Anthology
(Only Available in Paperback)



These aren’t the fairy tales you grew up with. New twists reimagine the classics to all sorts of places you’d never expect.

Authors Include:

  • Bethany Lopez
  • Elizabeth Sharp
  • Erin Danzer
  • Heather Marie Adkins
  • Jennifer Laslie
  • Jill Cooper
  • K. Laslie
  • Magan Vernon
  • Susan Burdorf
  • Victoria Escobar


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