Direct to Kindle Instructions

For those confused on how to obtain their email addresses and how to add email addresses to their approved sender list, this page is for you!

  • Login to Amazon. Click on Your Account from the menu on the top right hand side.








  • Click Manage Digital Content.









  • Click on Preferences toward the top of that screen.


  • Scroll down and click on Personal Document Settings. It’ll open up that content. You’ll be able to see a list of your devices and all the Kindle email address associated with each one. Find your device and copy the email address you need.


And now you’re all set! You should have added either or just to your approved sender list. You should also have been able to find your devices Kindle email address. Give that Kindle email address to me or whoever is sending you a mobi file direct to your Kindle and they can use that to send it! Tada!

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