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Why Didn’t You Ward Me

Unfortunate Spells Book 4


Why didn’t someone ward Macey about the consequences of overusing magic?

Under a time crunch to settle a problem with her student loan, Macey Green turns to the only thing she’s ever been great at, magic. When her classified ad pulls in more clients than expected, paying back a debt isn’t her only problem. Between magical backfire and blackouts, she’s wondering if she should find a different way to make money without things going wrong.

Brock O’Reilly is a breath of fresh air and Macey can’t help but feel recharged whenever she’s around him, but when he boosts her power in exchange for a favor, she feels better except can’t even perform simple spells without things going wild.

Suddenly, Brock’s troubles become her own, and she’s thrust into his secret world only to discover the truth about her heritage. Can she trust him after the mess he made with her magic or should she risk her heart with the only person who she’s ever had a spark with?

Fans of Shannon Mayer and Nora Roberts will fall in love with the magical realm in Why Didn’t You Ward Me.

About Jennifer Laslie

Jennifer Laslie is a crazy cat lady who lives in Utah with her wonderful family. Her office affords her a mountain view that she loves! When she’s not thinking about cheesecake or cats, she can be found in the bookstore in the Young Adult section, coffee in hand.