Paperback and Ebook Formatting

I’m now formatting in Vellum and have adjusted my rates accordingly. All ebooks include mobi and epub files.

Vellum Ebook/Paperback Basic Package

  • If you want just basic formatting without any frills – $25

Vellum Ebook/Paperback Choices Package

  • If you want choices in the styles I use in Vellum for your chapter headers and scene breaks (without added images) – $35

Vellum Ebook/Paperback Star Package

  • If you want me to find images for your chapter headers or scene breaks or you have them for me to use, I can set those up. This package also includes if you want a full image title page for your paperbacks – $55

Word Paperback (and Vellum ebook combo)

Word allows me to add graphics in places that Vellum might not. If you need something special done for paperbacks, then I’ll need to do it in Word. Word is a little more labor intensive. Pricing below lists just the paperback and then combo pricing beside it if you need ebook as well.

  • KDP under 30K — $40 ($60 with Word PB and Vellum ebook)
  • KDP  under 70K — $50 ($70 with Word PB and Vellum ebook)
  • KDP over 70K — $70 ($90 with Word PB and Vellum ebook)
  • KDP over 120K — $90 ($110 with Word PB and Vellum ebook)

Check your document before you send it. Does it have everything?

  • Title/Author(s)
  • Copyright
  • Blurb
  • Dedication
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Links to Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Newsletter…
  • Landing page (link) to the series (no Amazon links).
  • Graphics: Please send any graphics needed as separate .png or .jpg attachments and mark them as whether they are for your chapter header or scene breaks.
    • Ebook Cover (I don’t need the full wrap)
    • Chapter Graphic (optional)
    • Scene Divider (optional)
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